1. You tell us what products you're interested in.

From Ugandan beaded necklaces to handcrafted leather goods from Guatemala, we can can help you find the right product for whatever your need is.


2. We collaborate with our artisans on design and customization.

Our products are made specifically for you. We can add your logo, company colors, or design specs to make sure it's the perfect fit.


3. We put production and quality control measures in place.

We work closely with the artisans on production to ensure quality. All of the groups we work with have been vetted and produce fine, high-quality goods. Depending on order size and complexity, we will often spend time in-country to oversee production.


4. We send you photos, videos, and stories so you can meet our artisans.

We provide the content you need from a simple card insert to an entire marketing campaign communicating your company's commitment to the global community. 



5. We help you communicate the impact.

We'll work with you in understanding and communicating the social impact of the project so you can pass along the positivity to your employees and customers.


6. You get beautiful, handmade products and a meaningful company giveback campaign.

Whether it's gifts for your employees or a custom product for your company's holiday line-up, fair kind gifts are more meaningful.


7. Our artisans invest in their futures.

With the help of additional income from your order, our artisans are able to save money to invest in healthcare, childrens' schooling, nutritious food, and savings for the future.