Around the workshop, Resty is reserved and shy, but her quiet demeanor makes her one of the most hardworking artisans. She is quick to comfort others and is always interested in learning new jewelry-making techniques. Resty is very proud of what she created and loves to learn more.

Resty grew up in the nearby Mukono district with her parents who were both hard working farmers. When she was old enough to move out on her own, Resty and her sister moved to Lugazi together in search of work. When she first arrived in Lugazi, Resty worked to manage her household but had no income.

Resty has six children who have all grown up going to school. She works so hard in order to help provide for her children and hopes to eventually purchase a house of her own. Resty loves working alongside her best friends, Cathy and Speci, every day. She enjoys knowing that she can provide for her children with her income.