Alpaca Collection group of throw blankets hanging, Fairkind artisan made goods from around the world

Tucked away in a quiet mountain village in the Central Highlands, our artisan partners use traditional looms to weave each blanket by hand. Alpaca has been a major part of Andean culture since ancient times - in fact, alpaca wool was once reserved only for Inca royalty.

Today, the majority of the world’s alpaca population is found in Peru where they graze wild ichu grass that grows in the high altitudes of the Andes. For these remote mountain villages, alpaca wool is a major part of their economy and creates thousands of jobs across the country.

Each blanket takes a week to make from start to finish. From weaving each intricate pattern to hand-tying every fringe, the collection is made exclusively in a fair trade environment and artisans are paid premium wages for their skills.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites from the collection.


The Weavers of Paucara. Makers of the Alpaca Collection by Fairkind.
Isleño Alpaca Throw by Fairkind. Luxury baby alpaca with folded edge hand-loomed by artisans in Peru.
Blush and white neutral striped baby alpaca throw blankets made by artisans. Fairkind limited edition collection
Altura Alpaca Throw Blanket by Fairkind. Navy blue and gray houndstooth checkered pattern with fringe.
Grazing alpaca in the Andes mountains of Peru.
Ethically sourced alpaca wool throw blankets. Luxuriously soft and naturally hypoallergenic handwoven throws.
La Marea Alpaca Throw by Fairkind. Luxury baby alpaca throw blanket, gray with white textured stripes. Handmade in Peru
Landscape of Sacred Valley, Peru.
Fairkind alpaca throw blankets hanging. Variety of blue colors.
Luxuriously soft throws you can feel good about. Go ahead and cozy up!
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