Made Fairly: The Malawi Collection

Just west of Lake Malawi, in the outskirts of Salima, is where you’ll find this group of artisans who’ve been honing their craft for decades.

With little ones crawling from their mothers’ laps, artisans sit to weave each basket by hand - a practice they’ll pass down to their children and grandchildren. Basket weaving is an ancient tradition in Malawi and our artisan partners are working to preserve their ancestral craft for future generations. 

Artisans weave each basket with only their hands using ethically sourced palm leaves from the surrounding coastal region. The palm leaves are dried in the sun for 2 to 4 days before being prepped for weaving. The leaves are stripped into small fibers and the stems collected for the foundation of the baskets. Every part of the palm leaves are used - from stem to the smallest leaf tip. The largest baskets take up to 3 days to weave by hand.

Traditionally used in Malawi for carrying fish and grain, these baskets are made to stand the test of time. The Malawi Collection combines superior craftsmanship and modern design to bring you quality goods with a story.

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