Fairkind artisan partner workshop in Morocco. Handcrafted ceramic goods.

Our artisan partners in Morocco have been throwing pottery for generations using traditional Moroccan techniques. The meticulous handmade process takes up to 20 days from start to finish and results in the finest ceramic goods made to stand the test of time.

Keep reading to see the step by step process of how it’s made.

Artisan breaking up clay rock for ceramic goods.

Clay rocks are dug locally and brought back to the workshop to be prepared. The rocks are broken up into small pieces and poured into water containers to soak for 1-2 weeks. Once softened, the clay is stirred and sieved to remove excess water. The process is repeated until the mixture is mud-like and ready to be used.

Moroccan artisan hand-throwing pottery on a foot-crank wheel.
Artisans shaping ceramic goods on a pottery wheel. Morocco collection by Fairkind.

Once the clay is ready, it’s taken to the wheel to be shaped. Each piece is shaped by hand on a foot-crank pottery wheel. Once the shape is perfected, it’s set out to dry in the sun for 3-4 days.

Handmade process of ceramics crafted in Morocco by Fairkind.

Once dry, each piece is cleaned up and shaped with a razor to remove any surface imperfections and create the base for a shiny, smooth finish.

Large kiln for firing handcrafted ceramic goods made in Morocco.

Next, the products go into the kiln for their first firing. They’re fired for two days followed by another two days of cooling.

Moroccan artisan painting a ceramic plate by hand.Then comes the design. Each piece is carefully painted by hand and glazed with an enamel to create its shiny finish. Lastly, the ceramics go into the kiln for a second firing which fixes the enamel to the paint and gives the products their strength and shine. After another two days of cooling, the finished products are ready to go.

The detailed handmade process results in durable ceramic goods made to last forever. To see the finished products and shop the collection, click here.