Case Study


doTERRA International was interested in communicating their commitment to global causes by adding a special product to their holiday catalog. Our team created a custom ornament hand-woven in Rwanda that provided work for artisans across the country. The story of the “peace basket” resonated deeply with dōTERRA’s audience and made an even greater impression than we expected. Keep reading to learn more.


A story of peace

After the Rwandan genocide in 1994, the country’s basket weaving tradition took on new meaning. Women from warring ethnic groups banded together into artisan cooperatives and found healing through weaving together. Today, the traditional “agaseke” basket has taken on the name, “peace basket,” and is a symbol of unity and hope for the future.


Project deliverables

We worked closely with dōTERRA’s team and handled all of the order logistics. Our team worked in-country to oversee production, quality control and shipping.

After three months of production, we provided:
1. 48,000 high-quality, handwoven ornaments
2. Each tagged with the signature of the artisan
3. Stories, photos, and video footage of the project

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Social impact

Over 2,000 women were employed during this project and paid a fair wage for each handmade basket. The additional income allows artisans to better provide for their families by paying for children’s school fees, accessing quality healthcare, investing in their family businesses and more.

Additionally, Fairkind established an adult literacy program for men and women who were unable to attend school due to displacement during the genocide. Through this program, they are finally able to sign their names, read employment applications, use bank accounts, and teach the next generation to do the same.


The response

The baskets were an absolute hit. Here are a few customer comments from social media:

“It will take a place of honor on my tree this year.”

“It’s hanging in my kitchen window where I see it and send prayers to them; give gratitude for what I have. It’s a good reminder to pay it forward.”

“Completely obsessed with these baskets. They are beautiful. I need one in every color.”

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