doTERRA International is a prominent producer and distributer of essential oils and other healthy living products. In addition to providing the highest quality products, doTERRA has a platform for doing good in the world through ethical sourcing and supporting projects in developing countries.


doTERRA was interested in finding a tangible way of communicating their commitment to global causes through a limited-time promotional product. Working together with Fair Kind, a custom ornament basket from Rwanda was designed to hold one bottle of oil.

DSC00037 (2).jpg


• 48,000 handwoven “peace baskets” produced in three months
• Each basket tagged with the hand-written name of the artisan who made it
• Stories, photos, and video footage of Rwandan artisans


After the Rwandan genocide in 1994, the country’s basket weaving tradition took on new meaning. Women from warring ethnic groups banded together into artisan cooperatives and found healing and reconciliation through weaving together. Today, the traditional Rwandan baskets have taken on the name, “peace baskets,” and are a symbol of hope for the future.


Through the Rwandan Peace Basket project, over 2,000 women were provided work and paid a fair wage for each handmade basket. To further community impact, an adult literacy program was established to provide an opportunity for those who were unable to attend school. Through this program, men and women are finally able to write their names, read employment applications, open and use bank accounts, and teach generations to come how to do the same.