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Knowing the ins and outs of working in the developing world is our job, not yours. We handle all the logistics and work directly with your team to make sure your giveback and gift-giving needs are met. From providing marketing content, to assisting in communicating the impact of your order, we are here to help.



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When you choose Fair Kind gifts, you employ artisans around the world. The artisan groups we work with are highly-skilled in their trades but have little market access. We bridge the gap, allowing you to make an international impact in exchange for meaningful, high-quality products. We pay our artisan partners premium prices for their goods. The additional income allows them to invest in their futures. Through Fair Kind orders, our artisans have been able to pay for their children’s school fees, invest in their businesses, obtain better health care, and more. Additionally, we strive to create an even greater impact by implementing sustainable projects in our artisans’ communities to make a lasting difference in the lives of many.



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Choosing gifts from Fair Kind communicates your company’s desire to do good. It is a unique way to show your sense of responsibility toward the global community and environment. Whether it supports your company’s current brand values or brings new values to the table, it is certain to have a positive effect on company reputation and morale.



Our design and development expertise allows us to cater to your company’s specific product needs and giveback goals. From sourcing holiday gifts to building out entire marketing campaigns, we’ll work with you to create your perfect project.

By combining artisans’ native skills with design trends and client customizations, we provide uniquely beautiful products. Clients use our products for corporate gifting and special retail promotions. Ingrained in each product is the story of the artisan who made it.