The Artisans of Bir Bou Rekba. Fairkind artisan partners in Tunisia.

From a small workshop on the northeast coast of Tunisia, our artisan partners are true experts in the art of olive wood. Rich in culture and tradition, Tunisia is known for its historical sites and stunning landscapes - from the Sahara desert to the Mediterranean coast.

The olive tree is a sacred part of culture in Tunisia and our partners are focused on preserving their craft in a sustainable way. The wood is ethically sourced from mature olive trees slated to be cut back to create new growth. In doing so, artisans are able to practice their craft while protecting the rich environment and culture of their country.

Every item in the Tunisia Collection is handcrafted from start to finish with the finest materials. From tracing each outline to sanding every edge, we are blown away by the attention to detail and we're honored to work with such skilled artisans.

Rolling hills and blue sky in Tunisia. Olive wood trees.

Artisan tracing stencil of handcrafted olive wood spoons. Olive wood grove in Tunisia.