Ugandan artisan holding a set of handcrafted serving spoons made with Ankole horn.

On the outskirts of the capital city, down a winding dirt road, you'll find a small family-run workshop of men, women and young apprentices from the local community. Our artisan partners are from Gayaza, a small, rural town near Kampala.

Walking around town, it's common to catch a glimpse of passing cattle moving to new pastures. Native to Uganda, Ankole cattle are known for their stunningly large horns, each one as unique as a fingerprint.

Artisans in Uganda saw this material going to waste and found a way to recycle it into something beautiful. Years later, they've now perfected the art of turning these stunning horns into functional home goods. Ethically sourced as a food by-product, each item has its own unique coloring and natural striations.

Fairkind Uganda artisan smiling. Ankole horn materials for handcrafted goods.
Master artisans making horn products by hand in Uganda.