Moroccan artisan throwing pottery by hand.

Morocco is known for its rich culture of art and design. Our artisan partners have been crafting high-quality ceramics for generations. Using traditional handcrafted methods, they play a major part in preserving the ancient art of pottery in Morocco.

It all began in the family-run workshop dating back to 1830. Over the years, their expertise has been passed down and shared with young apprentices from the local community. Today, hundreds of artisans have learned the trade and become independent ceramists. The Safi Ceramists pride themselves on maintaining traditional techniques and designs inspired by the contrasting landscapes of Morocco, from Berber and Saharan to African and Arab cultures.

Each piece is made entirely by hand. From soaking the clay to throwing each shape on a foot-crank wheel, the entire process takes up to 20 days from start to finish. Artisans are employed at fair trade standards and paid premium wages for their skills along with health and other benefits.

 Artisan workshop in Safi, Morocco. Makers of the Morocco Ceramics Collection by Fairkind.