doTERRA, a worldwide essential oil distributor, approached us looking for a tangible way to communicate their commitment to global causes. Collaborating with doTERRA and our artisans in Rwanda, we designed a custom ornamental basket that could hold one bottle of doTERRA oil. Our artisans produced 38,000 handwoven “peace baskets” in three months, each tagged with the handwritten name of the artisan who created it. We also compiled photos, videos, and stories of the artisans to introduce them to doTERRA clients. The baskets were offered as a limited-time promotional product.





For this project, over 2,000 women were given steady work and a fair wage for each handmade basket. Additionally, we worked with community leaders to establish an adult literacy program that provided educational opportunities for those who were unable to attend school. Because of this program, our artisans and their neighbors are finally able to write their names, read employment applications, open and use bank accounts, and teach younger generations to do the same.